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Bluepek Studio is a professional software designed to support Natural Doctors and their patients during Analysis, Therapy, and Reporting. This tool works online and is based on Natural Medicine, TCM and Iridology. You can upload the images of your patients, annotate them, and follow your therapy. To Blupek Studio you don't need to practice Iridology, since this tool is modular, and it can manage your patients using your preferred holistic approach.
For example, if you are a Massage Therapist, or an Ayurvedic doctor, you can support your patients in their journey to optimal health.


Reports describe the history of the patient, and suggest the next steps to achieve healthcare goals. Bluepek Studio auto-generate Reports based on your visit, and allows you to manage Templates, copy-paste pictures, and print the final report, so that your patients bring home your recommendations, and can start improving their health from day one.

Bluepek Studio is constantly updated with the latest medical and holistic research, so that your therapy stay always relevant.
From the Dashboard you can view a summary of your visits, and plan the next steps in the Calendar.


In Bluepek Studio you can create Timelines for each patient, representing their journey to optimal health, and monitor their progress with time. Timelines are visual representations of the patient's journey, and you can update them at any time.
Following up a patient is probably one of the most important tasks of the doctor after a visit. Patients need to have confidence and strength to move forward in their journey, and Timelines may help where the role of a natural doctor is more crucial.


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    "Good platform, finally something that helps."